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Latin Word of the Year 2023

The vote for Latin Word of the Year 2023 is now closed. The results can be found here.

After last year’s inaugural edition of the Vox Anni contest, in which the tiny rescellula rode a giant wave of popular support to victory, the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae is thrilled to invite you to vote on the Latin Word of the Year 2023.

You can cast your vote by December 10.

This year’s vote coincides with some very happy news: the TLL’s funding from the German Akademienunion has been successfully renewed. As a result, the project will be able to continue its century-old mission to become the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date dictionary of ancient Latin.



For some end-of-the-year fun and in rivalry with contests in the vernacular, the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae invites you to vote on the first ever Ancient Latin Word of the Year!

What counts as an Ancient Latin Word of the Year? We’ve settled on three criteria:

  • The TLL entry was published or completed for publication in 2022.
  • The word is “new” in the sense that the word is not found in any of the standard ancient Latin dictionaries (Oxford Latin Dictionary, Lewis & Short, Georges, Gaffiot, etc.).
  • The word is in some form or another relevant to the events of 2022 or otherwise funny and interesting. This is where you come in!

These criteria show that even ancient Latin has new words every year. They also showcase in a lighthearted way the range of words that can be found in the TLL and what we’ve accomplished in 2022 by completing two new fascicles (IX.1.4 nemo–netura and forthcoming XI.2.9 reproduco–resilio). The TLL can be consulted via its open access platform or via TLL Online (more features with subscription).

After a nail-biting vote at the TLL Holiday Party last week, a long list of contestants has been narrowed down to the following five finalists. Please read the entries and descriptions below, then VOTE once on your favorite word here: Polls are open until midnight (CET) December 27. The winner will be announced here on December 28.